Q&A On Elevator Repair Work!

- Oct 01, 2020-

1. The purpose and significance of elevator maintenance

Elevator maintenance is the work of inspecting, refueling, removing dust and debris, and debugging safety devices during a specified period of time. The purpose is to eliminate potential faults through inspections, and to reduce the occurrence of elevator faults. It is not that the elevator will not fail after maintenance.

2. Question: The inspection mark in the elevator has expired, why not inspect it?

In fact, as a qualified elevator maintenance unit, the elevators to be repaired and maintained must be qualified through special equipment inspections. If the test fails or fails to test, the elevator manufacturer refuses to repair.

Some owners will say that the certificates are expired, why is the company still maintaining it? In fact, our elevator inspection work has been completed and qualified! It's just that the certificate you see requires the management unit to pay for inspection and obtain a new certificate before it can be pasted in the elevator.