Reference For Emergency Plan Of Elevator Failure In Public Places

- Jun 21, 2017-

Plan A
In order to guarantee the safe and reliable operation of hotel elevator equipment, reduce the impact of accidents and avoid the occurrence of personal injury accidents, formulated this plan.

I. Procedures for the handling of accident reports

1. The project staff on duty should inform the speaker when they receive the incident report: the location of the fault elevator, the Shan, the floor, and other important information, and the record.

2. The engineering Department on-duty personnel through the telephone to the Security Department Monitoring Center to verify the correctness of the report.

3. After confirming the correctness of the situation, the Engineering department on duty immediately rushed to the scene, and inform the maintenance unit to arrive at the scene.

4. The personnel with elevator operation qualification carry Elevator room key, elevator door key, communication tools and maintenance tools to the scene.

II. Fault disposal procedure
1. A
b Two of the fault handling personnel to reach the elevator room and elevator compartment floor.

2. A
The handler first cut off the main power of the lift, but must keep the car lighting. Through the elevator room line telephone and the trapped person to get in touch, inform the trapped people waiting to be rescued, do not try to leave.

3. B Treatment staff with the elevator door key to open the elevator layer door about 30-40cm, to observe the location of the elevator car.

4. If the car is located in the upper and lower 600cm range, the trapped person can leave smoothly, can directly open the layer door to assist the passengers to leave.

5. If the car is located in a position other than the above, the trapped person can not leave smoothly, you need to follow the following steps manually Che Ping layer before releasing passengers. (1) First to appease the passenger mood, told that the rescue operation, let its patience waiting for rescue.
(2) Remove the protective cover of the tail end of the elevator traction motor, and set the wheel of the special disc rider on the motor shaft. (3) Remove the housing of the brake electromagnet and fasten the brake lever to the braking mechanism. (4) One person catches the wheel, one person slowly presses the loose brake handle to loosen the brake mechanism. At the same time the brake mechanism loosens and slowly rotates the disc rider wheel using the car up or down (clockwise drive, car uplink). Counterclockwise drive car carriage downward). Stop the rotation of the wheel rider should be reset. It must be noted that:
Because the weight of the car is not balanced, when the disc is manually loosened braking device should be very careful and slow to prevent excessive acceleration caused by uncontrolled. (5) Rotate the lifting mechanism, when the flat layer mark line on the steel cable is aligned with the flat layer sign of the lift, the elevator car has already been flat. The braking mechanism should be restored at this time. (6) Use the elevator door key to open the elevator layer door, release the passengers after the layer door to resume closure.
(7) From the maintenance unit to the elevator to carry out a comprehensive inspection, to eliminate the hidden danger after the resumption of power input operation