Safety Awareness In Elevators Should Be Taken Care Of

- Feb 21, 2018-

With the economic and social development, high-rise buildings in the rapid rise of the city, fire department received high-rise elevators to save the alarm telephone also more and more, the safety of elevators has gradually become the focus of the general public attention. So how to use the elevator correctly? How to save yourself in an elevator accident? Hangzhou Schmidt Elevator Company reminded the general public, should keep in mind the following elevator safety precautions.

First, check whether the elevator has a certificate. Take the elevator, first of all, we should pay attention to check the elevator has no quality and technical Supervision department issued the "Safety inspection qualified" signs, and notice whether the mark is within the validity period, encountered not posted "safety inspection Certificate" or over the validity of the inspection elevator, can call the hotline to the local Department report

Second, wait for the elevator to stop the corresponding floors not crowded. Passengers in the elevator floor door open, before entering the elevator, we must pay attention to observe the elevator car is not in the corresponding floor position, rashly into the elevator car is probably not the level of the elevator accident occurred;

Three overload alarm should not be forcibly squeezed into. Each elevator has its own load, more than the load will cause the elevator does not close the door, if the passengers forced to squeeze into the elevator, when the situation is serious may lead to drag the line skid, the elevator car falling down;

Four is bogey playing slapstick, jumping and other dangerous movements. Passengers in the elevator operation, do not play in the elevator car, slapstick, beating, this behavior is particularly easy to cause the elevator safety device misoperation, resulting in "Shan" and accidents. In addition, do not take the elevator to click multiple buttons at the same time, otherwise it is easy to cause system failure, causing the elevator suddenly stop;

Five, do not stay at the escalator import and export office, or the shoes and clothing touch the escalator baffle; do not smoke in the elevator, discarded cigarette butts or the use of open fire, not extinguished the Martian fall easy to ignite the elevator line, resulting in elevator fires;

Six is if the elevator in the process of failure, trapped in the elevator, should be kept calm, immediately with the elevator alarm, walkie-talkie or telephone and management personnel contact, waiting for external rescue. If the alarm is invalid, you can call loudly or intermittently pat the elevator door, do not rashly through pry, grilled, kicking the door to get out of the way, if there is a fire on the staircase, the elevator should be in the nearest floor to stop the ladder, and quickly use the staircase escape.