Several Points For Elevator Safety

- Jun 21, 2017-

Passenger lifts are numerous in high-rise buildings, allowing us to quickly reach designated floors, save time and speed up efficiency. So often use elevator you, think the elevator to have what function?

The passenger elevator must be practical and safe, on this basis, that is the more comfortable the better.
This is very important, the installation of passenger elevators to consider from many aspects: floor height, crowd flow and size and so on. Elevator elevator, it is natural to consume electricity, the bigger the lift, the more the energy needs to be consumed; but it is not said that the smaller the passenger elevator, the better, if the peak, a large number of people waiting for a elevators, that much trouble ah; but sometimes, because of the area factor, can not control the size of the passenger elevator, this must be considered quantity.
This is very important, the safety of the passenger elevator to ensure that there are alarms and telephones in the elevator, to ensure that in the event of an unexpected situation, can contact with the outside world, in addition, there are some security measures: when the elevator is more than 115% rated speed, the speed limiter will start itself, cut off the power supply, and cut off the power function of the buffer, will not let the elevator in the end. When the elevator is near the bottom, the buffer works, the power is cut off and the elevator stops.
On the basis of guaranteeing above two points, it is natural that the more comfortable the better, the elevator ventilation ah, interior lighting, fans or air-conditioning ah what can be considered.
As a passenger elevator manufacturers, to ensure the practicality and security, to be able to foothold in the market, and on this basis, show their own characteristics, can be loved by people.