Shanghai Old Residential Area Installed Elevator To Enter The Fast Lane Hangin Old People Can Go Downstairs At Any Time Grounding Gas

- Oct 16, 2018-

From one building, two buildings, to five buildings, ten buildings, and the installation of elevators, it has become an increasingly urgent expectation of citizens living in old houses. But how can the elevator be built quickly and well, and will it really bring great changes to the residents' lives after it is built?

Yesterday, the reporter visited the first elevator installation office in Shanghai and the first batch of elevators to install elevators. I learned how to make the elevator installation process that many citizens expect to enter the fast lane and feel the old houses installed on the elevator. The convenience and benefits brought by the post.

Established an elevator office

As everyone knows, installing elevators has many doorways in the process of soliciting wills, formulating plans, selecting construction units and approving. It requires professional and responsible personnel to sort out the detours and improve efficiency. In March of this year, Shanghai was the first social service agency to provide service guidance and undertake entrusted management for elevators in old communities.

This office is composed of 5 “old masters” who work with elevators. It provides professional guidance in four key links, such as willingness consultation, administrative examination and approval, construction management, operation and maintenance, as long as it is a resident of the old community of this city. If you are willing to install an elevator, you can get help from this office.

For more than six months, combined with the feedback of residents and the actual work, the firm has continuously improved its working methods and efficiency: converting the community consultation process and the installation of elevators into a simpler and clearer flow chart; how to promote the installation of elevators in the neighborhood committee The work has clearly indicated that the quality and efficiency of the installed elevator will be further improved on the premise of publicly regulating and guiding the residents' operational procedures. In the beginning of September, two old six-story residential buildings in the 1980s and 1990s were installed with elevators. From March, it was intended to install elevators to the project, which took less than three months. In 3 months, it is expected that the delivery will be completed before the end of the year, and the speed of installing the elevator in the residential building of Hongkou District will be refreshed again in 9 months.

“It’s much easier to go downstairs now”

No. 184, Yichuan Second Village is a husband's house in the 1980s. The average age of residents is 70 years old and the largest is 94 years old. Every resident walked up to the downstairs and looked at the big bag in his hand. It was really sighing upstairs, step by step, and even some squatting old people could only become "hanging" old people.

"My old man of this age changes one body a year. Every time you go downstairs, you have to make a big decision." For Dong Laobo, 94, 5th Floor, No. 184, Yichuan Second Village, every time he goes up and down the building. It is a kind of torture, from the first floor to the fifth floor, at least 10 minutes.

At the beginning of 2016, residents of No. 184, Yichuan Second Village proposed to apply for an elevator. Under the coordination of Yichuan Street and the neighborhood committee, they embarked on the acceleration channel for installing elevators. In July 2017, a new elevator installed in No. 184, Yichuan Second Village was delivered for use. "When do you want to go to the library or the park now, as long as you press the finger, you will go downstairs, which is much more convenient!" Dong Laobo said.

Nowadays, other residents in the Yichuan Ercun Community and many foreign communities have come to No. 184 to learn about the tremendous changes brought about by the installation of the elevator. It is understood that affected by the No. 184, the residents of Units 178, 179 and 180, which are not far away, have also moved. At present, the installation of elevators for these three units has entered the public stage, and there will be a future in Yichuan Village. More residents will enjoy the convenience of installing an elevator.


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