Stunned: Robots That Can Install Elevators Come Out!

- Oct 19, 2018-

It is reported that Schindler has successfully developed a robot to install the elevator, and soon Schindler will release a robotic installation elevator guide solution in Dubai. Use the robot to punch holes in the wall of the hoistway and put in the expansion bolts, so that the installation workers can only lock the brackets and guide rails.

Although this robot is only part of the elevator installation, it is also very epoch-making. What is the most expensive in developed countries such as Europe and America? The answer is manual.

At the same time, the global problem is that there is a shortage of elevator installers. It is believed that this year's elevator installation company and installation team obviously feel that it is difficult to recruit elevator installers. In China, which has relatively low labor costs, this shortage of installers has occurred. Developed countries in Europe and America are more serious than ours. So the advent of the installation of elevator robots alleviated this problem.

With the advent of the era of intelligent robots, every job in every industry faces great challenges. Maybe one day, his position may be replaced by a robot.

Looking forward to it, maybe in the near future, elevator maintenance robots will come. When the maintenance elevators need only one elevator person and one elevator robot, the elevator maintenance personnel will not be so tired as they are now. Let's go!


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