Super Intelligent Elevator In The Internet Era

- Aug 15, 2018-


The Big Data Application Innovation Project – Big Data and Urban Refinement Management Project was awarded the “National Development and Reform Commission's 2018 Digital Economy Pilot Major Project” by the National Development and Reform Commission. The project is oriented to the issue of “people's livelihood hotspots, government pain points, and management difficulties” in urban management. It will build an integrated urban management “data lake” network with data aggregation and sharing as the way to “traffic” and “health care”. The five areas of “healthy food safety”, “environmental protection” and “urban public facilities” form innovative applications for big data that serve people's livelihood.At the same time, based on the convergence of urban multi-dimensional data, the existing grid center is upgraded, and a city intelligent operation management center with urban data integrated operation, big data analysis mining and forecasting and early warning capability, namely “City Brain” CIIMC, is finally constructed. Form a big data and urban management construction model.


The elevator will generate real-time running data during the running process, such as: car running state, car running direction, car running speed, current floor, door closing in place, car in the car, car temperature, etc. Elevator failure sometimes occurs during the operation of the elevator. For example, the elevator is de-energized, the elevator is closed, the door is not closed for a long time, the door is not opened, the door is opened, the floor information is lost, and the non-level parking is stopped. By installing the sensor in the elevator, the real-time running data and faults of the elevator can be effectively obtained, the sensing data is generated, and the data is encoded and encrypted. The wireless network protocol is used to transmit data over a wireless network to a designated server database store. Using mobile internet technology, the PCT and mobile terminals of the 24T intelligent elevator management operation platform can read and monitor real-time data and fault data of elevators in real time, and realize elevator failure alarm, rescue of trapped people, daily management, quality assessment, hidden danger prevention, etc. .


The elevator IoT intelligent elevator management operation platform cooperates with Alibaba Cloud to provide powerful data processing capabilities to ensure its security and stability. For B/S-based applications and mobile applications, system downtime and service unavailability are production incidents. In design, high availability of the system is required. The main means of system high availability is redundancy. The application is deployed on multiple servers to provide access at the same time. The data storage is backed up on multiple servers. Any server downtime will not affect the overall availability of the application, nor will it cause data lost. For an application server, multiple application servers form a cluster to jointly provide services through load balancing devices. Any server that is down, only need to switch requests to other servers to achieve high application availability, but a prerequisite is The requested session information cannot be saved on the application server. Otherwise, the server is down, the session is lost, and the service processing cannot be completed even if the user request is forwarded to another server. For the storage server, because the data is stored on it, the data needs to be backed up in real time. When the server is down, the data access needs to be transferred to the available server, and the data is restored to ensure that the data is still available when the server is down. . In addition to the operating environment, the high availability of the system requires quality assurance of the software development process. Reduce the possibility of introducing faults into the online environment and prevent the scope of faults from expanding through pre-release verification, automated testing, and agile development.



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