The Development Direction Of Intelligent Elevators--visitor Face Recognition Riding Ladder & QR Code Ladder

- Jun 04, 2019-

In today's society, high-rise buildings have become the standard of the city. Many old buildings have been installed with elevators under the government's preferential policies. It can be said that elevators have basically become an essential vehicle. At the International Elevator Exhibition held at the Langfang Convention and Exhibition Center on April 23-26, 2019, many companies brought the latest technology developed by their company into the venue and became one of the focus of the exhibition. Among them, the elevator can be authorized by the homeowner to authorize the two-dimensional code to scan the code and take the elevator in the community and enter the elevator. The elevator that is automatically activated by the face recognition inside the car is particularly technical.

In the identification, not only face recognition, but also IC card recognition and ID card recognition, this diversified recognition method brings a better experience to the elevator. In terms of security performance, the ID card has been unique, and face recognition can also determine its identity. However, the problem of copying the IC card of the ordinary elevator has always been an important link that plagues the security risks of the card elevator. The technical anti-copying can be avoided, and it can be avoided by the unscrupulous personnel, thus ensuring the personal and property safety of the elevator floor.

In the future development direction of access control elevators, face recognition technology is an absolute mainstream trend. The face recognition system dynamically analyzes the face in the video to determine whether it is a real face, and the face recognition uses a high-definition camera to effectively identify high-definition photos, ps software, 3D models, face-changing and other counterfeit frauds to ensure The passer is his own. This almost cuts off the possibility of outsiders entering and exiting, so face recognition in security is undoubtedly a very advantageous advantage. Another benefit of face recognition is convenience. Most of the elevators with access control are still in the card-swapping stage, and forget to bring the IC card to block the unrelated personnel from entering the elevator, and also block the IC card owner. For the elderly with limited mobility, it is very convenient to use a wheelchair to brush into the elevator.

For the foreign visitors to take the elevator, it is obviously unrealistic to swipe or brush the face, in order to reduce the frequent ups and downs required during the visitor. In order to alleviate this trouble, Hebei Ruike Jinfang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a technology that can not only brush the face but also scan the QR code to take the elevator. Based on the Internet of Things technology, under the advantage of the QR code, the user You only need to display the two-dimensional code surface recognition area to take the elevator. For example, the visitor wants to visit the owner, but the elevator is swipe\face recognition control. The owner can share the QR code generated by the WeChat applet to the visitor. The visitor can use the elevator QR code recognition program within the valid time of the QR code. So that the owners do not have to take the elevator to meet.

Regardless of the recognition of the two-dimensional code, the face recognition is also good, and the mature technology is the indispensable exploration of the elevator industry. At the exhibition, because of the limited position of the exhibition, it is impossible to fully display all the technologies. However, with the rapid development of modern technology, the development of elevators will pay more attention to the comfort and convenience of riding on the basis of safety. In the next exhibition, there will be more new technologies and new breakthroughs in elevators.


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