The Elevator Also Has An Absolute Position Sensing System.

- Aug 27, 2018-

A recent UN document shows that the world's urban population is expected to remain a significant gift. By 2050, two-thirds of the world's humans will live in cities, and in the process, Asia will Play a leading role in such a large community Sustainability and their growing and ever-changing needs will bring great challenges and unlimited business opportunities.

The growing demand for advanced technology will be able to meet the ever-increasing needs of more complex societies. Technological innovation will guarantee the safety and comfort of people's lives, so that it will always be at a high level. Of course, this will also expand the application field of optical sensors, whether in vertical buildings and horizontal transmission areas, or other All current and future possible other applications.

It is believed that in the near future, sensors will be used for protection and monitoring in every corner of industry and civil use, providing comprehensive protection for the growing population of the city, and entrepreneurs are using these innovations. The technology to fill the gaps in machinery manufacturing, in which to increase the humanized design, to maintain their corporate image, reflecting human care.

The core technology part of modern architecture is concentrated in the elevator. In addition to the central controller, the huge traction device, the comfortable car, and more ubiquitous sensing equipment, such as preventing the elevator from running out of the determined area. , or help the elevator to level the floor accurately, or to monitor the flow of people at the elevator door and avoid pinching the passengers. In this issue, we will talk about the area that is usually invisible but extremely important in the elevator system, that is, the CEDES sensor Its reliable performance and excellent Swiss blood escort the safe operation of the elevator. APS, together with its analytical control part of the TUV-certified APS, has been characterized by the fact that the elevator's leveling layer relies on a magnetic shield and a single-beam optoelectronic to confirm the elevator level, whether it is required to be attached to the hoistway during installation. The alignment of the seat belts one by one or the repairs during the maintenance is time-consuming and laborious. Now, the accurate leveling layer has the absolute positioning sensor ipad can realize the calibration of the elevator level.

It must also be mentioned that the iDiscovery and APS systems have unique operating heights up to 1500m and support up to 20m/s.

Car running speed. Noisy skyscrapers and elevators that run fast again don't have to worry about the restrictions of use!


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