The First Case In The Province! Owner Self-installed Elevator

- Aug 16, 2018-

On June 6th, the elevator installation project of Unit 2 of Building 5 of Changcheng Tianyuanyuan Community of Hefei City was officially started (this newspaper reported on June 7). The reporter was informed that the elevator project is currently in the equipment installation stage, which is the first in Anhui Province. An old residential building with an elevator project agreed by the owner's self-government application will be welcoming the acceptance this week.


"We have just experimented and put a coin in the elevator vertically. The elevator goes down from the 5th floor to the 1st floor. The coins are not poured down. It is still relatively stable." Yang Shihai is 70 years old. He lives in the Great Wall Tianyuan Community. The 4th floor of the 5th unit is also one of the leaders of the elevator.

From application to negotiation, from the selection of elevators to the allocation of electricity, each step is determined by 12 households. According to the relevant conditions, the housing and construction department of Laoshan District subsidized 250,000 yuan, and the rest were shared by the households. The final unit needs to pay 480,000 yuan. The reporter saw on the list of fees that the first floor residents do not use elevators, so they don’t have to worry about it. Money, the owner of the second floor is 6900 yuan per household, the owner of the third floor is 11500 yuan per household, the owner of the fourth floor is 23,000 yuan per household, the owner of the fifth floor is 32200 yuan per household, and the owner who lives on the sixth floor needs to pay the most. It is 41,400 yuan.

The reporter learned in the interview that the elevator has been installed and is waiting for acceptance. After the acceptance is completed, the residents can use it. In addition to apportioning the installation cost of the elevator, the electricity fee is also borne by the residents according to different proportions, such as 3% on the 2nd floor, 5% on the 3rd floor, 10% on the 4th floor, 14% and 18% on the 5th and 6th channels respectively. .


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