The First Large-area Passenger Elevator And Cargo Elevator Developed By Taizhou, Zhejiang

- Aug 17, 2018-

Recently, the reporter learned from the Municipal Special Equipment Supervision and Inspection Center that the first large-area passenger elevators and cargo elevators developed and produced by the city passed the acceptance test and were put into use.

It is understood that these two large-scale passenger elevators and cargo elevators are produced by Zhejiang one elevator company, in which the organic room passenger elevator has a rated load of 2000 kg, a speed of 3.0 m / s, and an area of 4 square meters; The cargo elevator has a rated load of 15,000 kg, a speed of 0.33 m/s and an area of 25 square meters. It is the largest of the passenger elevators and cargo elevators produced and used in the city.

Previously, the passengers using the maximum load in our city had an elevator area of about 2.4 square meters and a rated load of 1600 kilograms. The common load elevators had a rated load of 5,000 kilograms and an area of 9 square meters.

It is reported that the two elevators have been designed and produced in nearly four months under the communication and cooperation of the enterprise R&D team and the city special inspection center. They have been put into use and have made up for the large-scale passengers in the Taizhou market. The demand for cargo elevators.

“For example, public places with large traffic, factories with large products such as furniture and large building materials, etc., existing elevator products can not meet the needs of these places. The introduction of these two elevators will greatly enhance the carrying of elevators. Capacity.”  At present, a company in our city has ordered a cargo elevator with a load of 10 tons, which is being installed.


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