The Hydraulic Elevator Is Equipped With A Safety Device Provided By A Conventional Traction Elevator

- Aug 06, 2018-

hydraulic system

Low noise. The hydraulic system can adopt low-noise screw pump, and the oil pump and motor can be designed to work in submersible mode to form a pumping station as a whole, which greatly reduces noise.

Explosion-proof performance is good. The hydraulic elevator adopts low-condensation and flame-retardant hydraulic oil, and the fuel tank is sealed as a whole. The motor and the oil pump are immersed in the hydraulic oil, which can effectively prevent the combustion of the combustible gas and the liquid.

The failure rate is low. Thanks to the advanced hydraulic system and good electro-hydraulic control, elevator operation failures can be minimized.

Good energy saving. When the hydraulic elevator descends, it can be driven by the pressure generated by its own weight, which can save energy.

Low building strength requirements: buildings are not subject to vertical forces.


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