The Most Complete Passenger Elevator Category

- Jun 21, 2017-

When we go shopping in different shopping malls, we can see different passenger elevators. In fact, these passenger lifts are classified. They can often be differentiated according to various classification methods.

As a passenger elevator manufacturers, we are now sorting out the history of the most complete passenger elevator classification.

According to the driving mode, the passenger elevator can be divided into AC elevators, DC elevators, hydraulic elevators, gear rack elevators and screw-type elevators.

One, AC elevator: AC induction motor as the driving force of the elevator. According to the way of drag can be divided into AC single speed, ac double speed, alternating voltage regulating speed, AC variable frequency variable speed and so on.

Second, DC elevator: DC Motor as the driving force of the elevator. The rated speed of this kind of elevator is generally 2.00m S above.

Third, hydraulic elevators: The general use of electric pump-driven liquid flow, from the plunger to make the car lift elevator.

Four, gear rack elevator: The guide rail processing into rack, the car fitted with the rack meshing gear, motor driven gear rotation to make the car lift elevator.

V. Screw TYPE Elevator: The plunger of the straight-top elevator is machined into a rectangular thread, and then the large nut with thrust bearing is installed on the top of the oil tank, and then the nut is rotated by the motor through the reducer (or belt) to drive the screw to lift the car up or down.

According to the elevator without strict speed classification, our country is customary to classify according to the following methods.

Low speed ladder: Often refers to the elevator which is below 1.00m S speed.

Second, medium speed ladder: Often refers to the speed in 1.00 2 00m S Elevator.

Three, high-speed ladder: often refers to the speed greater than 7m S elevator.