The Reason For The Mirror In The Elevator

- Apr 16, 2018-

Today, we will take you to the reason of "mirror" in the elevator:

Now elevators are an integral part of life, so what do we do when we walk into the elevator? I think most people look at their makeup first. The "mirror" in the elevator creates an illusion that the mirror can be used to prevent crime and harassment in addition to making people tidy up their makeup.

But the real effect is not these, it is to help wheelchair users, let them confirm the position of the elevator entrance, because they are not easy to turn around in the elevator. And let them see how many floors they are on, and when to get off the elevator.

It is understood that the elevator set mirror is the obligation of public transport agencies, especially in some public buildings, although the mirror type is not strictly limited, but the mirror is indispensable.