There Are Two Problems About The Elevator Steel Structure Well Road

- Apr 13, 2018-

How does the elevator operate in the elevator steel structure?

The elevator has a car and a pair of heavy, through the wire rope to connect them up, wire rope through the drive device traction drive, so that the elevator car and the weight in the elevator steel shaft inside the guide on the upper and lower movement.

The guide boots fixed on the car can be moved along the fixed guide rails mounted on the wall of the elevator steel structure to prevent the car from tilting or swinging in operation. Often closed-block brakes in the motor work when the loose brake, so that the elevator operation, in the case of power failure braking, so that the car stopped lifting, and at the designated level station to maintain its static state, for personnel and goods access. Car is carrying passengers or other load of the box parts, to reuse to balance the car load, reduce motor power. The compensation device is used to compensate the tension and weight changes in the traction rope movement, so that the traction motor load is stable and the car can dock accurately. The electrical system realizes the control to the elevator movement, simultaneously completes the selection layer, the flat layer, the speed measurement, the illumination work. Instruct the call system to show the moving direction and the floor position of the car at any time. Safety device ensures safety of elevator operation.

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Second, the elevator wire rope will be broken?

The elevator uses the wire rope is the elevator special, the country has the special stipulation and the request. The configuration of the wire rope is not only to bear the elevator car and the rated load capacity, also considered the size of the drag, so the tensile strength of the wire rope is larger than the lift load, their safety factor is more than 12, usually elevators are equipped with more than four steel wire rope, under normal circumstances, the elevator wire rope is not broken at the same time. Elevator steel structure of the safety factor is very high, if the wire rope broken, the elevator will be deactivated, to replace the wire rope later put into use.