This Black Technology Elevator Is Amazing! Hanging Out Of The Building, Subverting 160 Years Of Traditional Design!

- Aug 13, 2018-

Our elevator industry is never lacking in creativity. Today we will take a look at another creative elevator concept or conceptual design – the “roller coaster” elevator. The reason why the concept or conceptual design should be still present is still some difficulties.

Say that the roller coaster has been played by everyone, but have you been seated in the same elevator as the roller coaster?

What? ! Wait, you can't fool me! Are elevators generally not all traction?

What's more powerful is just a sauce purple:

ordinary elevator

Or sauce purple, special test response ability .

Well, these are very powerful . but not long ago the British PLP Architecture company developed a more subversive elevator! !

It is called SkyPod and is an innovative propulsion system based on Maglev technology.

What a great thing about this guy, you may have already discovered it. . That is, it can be shuttled up and down along the prefabricated track on the facade of the building like a roller coaster.

elevator like the subway running

Looks a bit like the subway running, is there wood? On one of the tracks of SkyPod, there are many such "elevator cars", which are repeated one after another.

Each "elevator car" looks like a space capsule with a built-in gyroscope-like device that keeps the space capsule level regardless of the rotational motion. In this way, there will be no danger when sitting inside, passengers will not be dizzy, and you can follow the elevator to enjoy the beauty of the city. In addition, SkyPod can adjust the speed in real time according to the flow of people, increase efficiency, and avoid collision.

It is worth mentioning that the design of this elevator system will in turn change the skyscraper design combined with it. This is because the traditional elevators are in the center of the building. SkyPod is different, it is proud to hang on the outside of the building! As a result, the design of the building will not be restricted, as the elevator can reach any place you want.Therefore, in the future, the formal language of architecture will be greatly enriched.

skyscraper  of elevator

Currently, PLP has designed a model of a skyscraper based on the SkyPod system. While more intuitive to see its relationship with the building, it also shows the superiority of this elevator. The night looks more cool, maybe in the future we will see it like a roller coaster.


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