What Are The Conditions For Elevator Acceptance?

- Jun 09, 2019-

Nowadays, many people are not very clear about the concept of elevator acceptance when purchasing elevators. For this reason, we specifically explain some aspects related to elevator acceptance:

First, what elevator must be accepted?

As long as the publicly used elevators must be accepted, the home elevators are elevators installed in private homes for use by a single family member. Also need acceptance.

Second, the conditions for elevator acceptance:

1. Complete elevator information (factory certificate, annual inspection certificate, elevator information, elevator key).

2. The test of the safety components of the elevator must comply with the technical documents and relevant specifications.

3. The elevator quality inspection should meet the requirements.

4. The noise, leveling accuracy and running speed of the elevator are in compliance with the specifications.

5. The traction capacity of the traction machine is in compliance with the regulations.

6. The traction capacity of the traction machine is in compliance with the regulations.

7. The air temperature in the equipment room or machine equipment should be kept between 5 °C and 40 °C; the air in the equipment room should be ventilated, and the air vent area at the top of the hoistway should be at least 1% of the cross-sectional area of the hoistway. The pollution gas drawn from other parts of the building shall not be allowed. Discharged into the machine room.

8. The necessary closure of the hoistway.

9. The elevator inspection site (mainly refers to the engine room or machine equipment, the hoistway, the car roof, the pit) is clean, and there are no items and equipment unrelated to the elevator work.

10. The power supply input voltage fluctuates within ±7% of the rated voltage.

Private elevators are different from public elevators and are used by a single home. Therefore, the home elevator puts forward higher requirements on safety protection, especially for the elderly or children in the family. If there is a sudden power failure or malfunction in the elevator, the villa elevator with automatic rescue device and automatic dialing configuration is selected. Provide maximum security for your family.