What Are The Conditions For The New Drive Motor For High-speed Elevators?

- May 28, 2018-

The ultra-high-speed elevator system has many key technologies that need to be broken. One of the keys is to configure a new type of drive motor. The drive motor needs to meet the following aspects: compact, energy-saving, able to reduce vibration and noise.

So, how can we understand this problem? Now we will briefly introduce it to you by our high-speed elevator manufacturers.

In the early ultra-high speed elevators, due to the limitations of AC technology, DC motor drag technology was commonly used, and a special DC generator set was required. The disadvantages of high energy consumption and large noise have been constrained so that the DC motor fails to meet the requirements of the new ultra-high speed elevator drive motor.

High-speed elevator manufacturers

In the past ten years, with the development of permanent magnet synchronous motor technology, especially the continuous improvement in capacity, the advantages of energy-saving and low-speed large torque (without deceleration mechanism) combined with permanent magnet synchronous motor will be the development of ultra-high-speed elevators. The main driver for the new generation. Large-capacity permanent magnet synchronous mainframes will be the most important guarantee for rapid start-up under heavy load conditions, as ultra-high-speed elevators generally require full-speed operation within 10s of start-up.

By using a permanent magnet synchronous motor, the elevator host can generally reduce the volume by 20%; the power can be increased by at least 15%; the vibration and noise can be reduced by 10dB.

Thus, if a new type of drive motor is available, the performance of high-speed elevators will be even higher. If you think there is something wrong with our introduction, please contact us for high-speed elevator manufacturers.

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