What Are The Requirements For A New Type Of Drive Motor For High Speed Elevators?

- Jun 21, 2017-

Ultra-high speed elevator system, there are many key technologies need to break through, one of the key is to configure a new type of drive motor. and the driving motor needs to meet the following aspects: compact, energy-saving, can reduce vibration and noise.

So how do we understand this problem?

Early ultra-high-speed elevators, due to the limitations of communication technology, the general use of DC motor-driven technology, need to be equipped with a special DC generator set. The weakness of high energy consumption and noise has restricted the requirement of DC motor to meet the new type ultra-high speed elevator drive motor.

Over the past decade, with the development of permanent magnet synchronous motor technology, especially the continuous upgrading of capacity, in combination with the permanent magnet synchronous motor energy-saving and low-speed large torque (no need for deceleration mechanism) advantages, will be super high-speed elevator development and replacement of the main driving host. Large-capacity permanent magnet synchronous host will be to achieve the most important guarantee in the case of heavy load, because the ultra-high speed elevator generally requires to run at full speed within 10s.

Through the use of permanent magnet synchronous motor, elevator mainframe can generally reduce the volume of 20%; Power can be increased by at least 15%; Vibration and noise can reduce 10dB. Thus, if a new type of drive motor, high-speed elevator performance will be higher.