Why Can't Take The Goods Elevator?

- May 21, 2018-

Those who frequented the mall must all know that the mall elevators were divided into passenger elevators and freight elevators. Some customers found that the passengers were full when they took the elevator. They wanted to take the goods elevator of the mall, but the staff of the mall always refused the passenger's request. . Why is this?

        Because the elevator is divided into traction and forced drive. The passenger elevator is a traction elevator. The two ends of the elevator rope are connected with the car and the same heavy weight to maintain the balance. There is a rope groove in between, relying on the friction between the wire rope and the rope groove to drive the car up and down. Because the friction force is uniform, the strength and speed of the elevator are uniform. There will be no case of suddenness or slowness, and no slippage will occur.

        Unlike the previous use of only one wire rope, traction elevators now typically have five or six wire ropes, some even as many as ten. The national standard stipulates that the diameter of the steel wire rope is more than 8mm. Generally, there is no need to worry about the sudden disconnection of the steel wire rope when riding.

        However, the elevators in shopping malls and construction sites generally use forced driving elevators. The principle of such elevators is the same as that for wells, that is, by turning the handles and turning the buckets, the buckets are pulled up. Not only one steel wire rope but also the wire rope is easy to slip. The car suddenly fell or suddenly caught. This is why the freight elevators all have the sign of “No passengers are permitted to ride”.

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