Wuhan First Pedestrian Bridge Vertical Elevator Quietly Operates. Two Bridges Will Be Installed This Year

- Sep 17, 2018-

At the fork of Tangjiadun Road, Machangjiao Road and Hong Kong Road in Jianghan District, the Machang Road pedestrian bridge stands above the intersection.

Since its opening at the end of last year, the Machang Road Pedestrian Bridge has been receiving much attention because it is convenient for people to divert traffic and ease traffic congestion on the road, and because it is the first pedestrian bridge in Wuhan with vertical elevators.

The Changjiang Daily reporter reported in May this year that the bridge was opened for half a year, and the vertical elevator has been "closed and thanked." Recently, the reporter found that the vertical elevator has been put into use. How is the elevator running? Did it achieve the expected results? Will the future continue to be promoted in Wuhan? With the above questions, the reporter conducted a site visit.

The public can take the elevator to the bridge deck for 20 seconds.

At 9 o'clock on the morning of September 5, the 65-year-old Yang Cuifen pushed the small trailer out of the Machang Road Xinmachang vegetable market and prepared to walk back to the home of Hong Kong Road. The car was filled with vegetables purchased by the elderly.

Going to the Machang Road pedestrian bridge, the old man took the elevator, pressed the up button, waited, got on the elevator, and after 20 seconds, came to the bridge. Before the elevator was opened, she pushed the cart with vegetables for 2 minutes.

"If you rely on your own trailer, you need to take a break for a while, now it is convenient to take your finger to the elevator." The old man said happily. From 9:00 to 9:15, there are 7 pedestrians taking the vertical elevator and the pedestrian bridge on the racecourse. There are many mothers pushing the baby carriage. The vertical elevator is faster and more convenient.

The citizens living in the surrounding area introduced that the elevators have a higher usage rate at night, and people living nearby will always go to the street park on Tangjiadun Road to exercise in groups of three to five. “There are intensive communities, schools and shopping malls here. Vertical elevators are convenient for many people, especially the disabled and the elderly.” One citizen said.

Run for 11 hours a day during the trial run

The Changjiang Daily reporter learned from the relevant person in charge of the Jianghan District Urban Management Committee that the elevator was built by Wuhan Real Estate Group. After one month of trial operation, it was completed and accepted at the end of August this year. It is currently operated by the Jianghan District Urban Management Committee Road and Bridge Management Center. And maintenance.

According to the travel demand of people flow, the elevator running time is from 7 am to 12 noon, and from 3 pm to 9 pm. In order to ensure the safety of elevator operation, the committee arranged the employees to participate in the training and obtained the corresponding certificates for special equipment management. It is responsible for elevator management and set up a monitoring room. It monitors the use of elevators at full time and timely discovers and handles emergencies.

The reporter found that now only the elevator at the intersection of the Machang Road is operating normally, and the other elevator is "closed to the door." On the gate of the elevator, Jianghan District Urban Management Committee City Road and Bridge Management Center posted a notice saying that the elevator will be maintained due to human damage.

Dial the contact number of the staff next to the vertical elevator. The staff immediately answered the call. The other party said that the elevator was being repaired due to the destruction of the glass at the top of the car. The maintenance time was about 2 weeks.

This year, two pedestrian bridges will be equipped with elevators.

Does the use of vertical elevators prevent pedestrians from crossing the road? The reporter observed that under the overpass, the crossing of the road still exists.

"It's still faster to go below. After all, it takes time to take the elevator." "The weather is still a little hot, and the bridge is even cooler." During the interview, someone said why he was crossing the road. However, pedestrians crossing the road also said that in case of bad weather, they would cross the road through the pedestrian bridge in a vertical elevator.

"Pedestrians crossing the road are still much less than the original. After all, the upper and lower pedestrian bridges can take the elevator, which is effortless." The operators of the surrounding shops said their own perceptions.

What is the operating cost of the pedestrian bridge with vertical elevator maintenance? Jianghan District Urban Management Committee said that the vertical elevator running time is limited, more observations are needed, and detailed research can be determined.

Relevant person in charge revealed that in order to facilitate the public to cross the street, the Jianghan District Urban Management Committee also plans to install vertical elevators at the two places, such as the Aviation Road Pedestrian Bridge and the Wansongyuan Henglu Pedestrian Bridge.


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