Zibo Building Elevator Unveiled Residents Will Say Goodbye To Hard Climbing

- Nov 27, 2018-

Old residential buildings are generally five or six stories high and do not have elevators. Households who are old or inconvenient are often faced with the problem of “crawling hard”. Yesterday, the reporter was informed that the existing residential building with steel structure integrated building-type elevator debuted in Zhangdian Lijingyuan Community Qiyuan Group No.1 Building. At present, the overall framework has been installed, and after about one week of elevator installation period and adjustment test, it can be delivered to residents.

Zibo building elevator unveiled residents will say goodbye to "hard climbing"

On November 26th, the third day of the elevator installation, when the reporter arrived at the scene, the frame of the elevator was installed. The workers were working on the corridor between the fifth and sixth floors. The concrete was also laid and the window was decorated. Wait for a complete seal, the final result is similar to a normal sightseeing ladder. “The installation of an elevator is about 400,000 yuan. The residents share the expenses according to the floor. The high-rise households benefit the most, and the expenses to be distributed are also more. The cost of elevator operation should also be the responsibility of the owners.” Elevator on site construction The staff told the reporter that the elevator will go up from the second floor to the sixth floor. The elevator will stop at the middle of the floor. The residents on the second floor of the first floor do not use the elevator and do not need to share the expenses.

"The installation of elevators in old residential buildings should be a trend. After all, there are many residential buildings. The installation of such elevators is very convenient for residents who have difficulty climbing stairs." The reporter learned that this type of steel structure integrated building blocks Elevator has a small footprint (only one-third of the traditional old building installed elevator), short disturbance time, small infrastructure impact, less pipe migration workload, etc., the main part of the frame and elevator equipment They are all in one at the manufacturing plant, modularized and integrated, and built with modular construction. They do not need to be welded on site, and the construction time is relatively faster and safer.


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