Sightseeing Lift Stainless Steel Pneumatic Lifting Platform Outdoor Round Glass Panoramic Elevator

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Product Details

EN81 ELEVATOR, German TUV Certification, CE Certification, EAC Certification
Capacity: 450kg~2500kg, speed: 1.0m/s~2.5m/s

Safety is cherished by passengers
• The integrated intelligent control system is implementing security control features and provides precise management of the elevator.
• Technology of cabin position control: The use of advanced sensors and real-time feedback signals realize precise leveling and multiple door safety features and ensure the safety of passengers.
• ARD and emergency light: In case of power failure, the emergency battery provides light in the cabin and access to the alarm communication means. The ARD automatically reliefs passengers by moving the cabin to the next floor.
• Automatic stop on a floor level in case a failure occurs
• Remote monitoring system
• Intercom system to connect passengers, technicians and safety facilities

Door operation and safety
• Door drive system: Using VVVF variable frequency door drives leads to smooth opening and closing of the elevator door. It automatically adjusts the most suitable switching speed of each floor, so as to ensure the safety of the passengers.
• Infrared light curtain: Forming the protection network at the entrance of the cabin. It detects persons or objects within its door area automatically and makes immediate response to it, so as to protect passengers, objects and the door itself.


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