Fashion Modern Security Small Home Elevators

Fashion Modern Security Small Home Elevators

AOYAMA home elevator provides you with comfortable enjoyment.Multiple comfortable experiences are small in noise and convenient in installation. It fulfills a magical and wonderful household environment for you.
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Product Details

Capacity (kg): 250, 320, 400, 450kg
Speed (m/s): 0.4m/s


AOYAMA home elevator provides you with comfortable enjoyment.Multiple comfortable experiences are small in noise and convenient in installation. It fulfills a magical and wonderful household environment for you.

fashion modern security small home elevators

Having a private elevator in your home is a convenience that many homeowners appreciate. Home elevators are more than just a luxury. They provide safe, convenient access to all levels of your home and are useful for people of all ages and mobility. AOYAMA Elevator offers a range of home elevator styles, including conventional home elevators and pneumatic elevators  in a variety of styles and finishes to beautifully blend into your home. 

AOYAMA Elevator provides convenient sales, service and maintenance, installation and showrooms to help you envision a residential elevator in your home.AOYAMA Elevator carries a range of conventional home elevators from the top home elevator manufacturers. With our wide selection, you’re sure to find the perfect home elevator for your residence.

Product name

Small home elevators lift 

Up and bottom canopy

Laminated safety glass

Observation wall

Hairline stainless steel,mirror stainless steel

Decoration roof

Glass at the back,mirror stainless steel and acrylic

Car wall

Laminated safety glass


Stainless steel tube



Rated speed(m/s)



250, 320, 400, 450kg



fashion modern security small home elevators


Economical,Energy-saving elevator lift for Home 

1.Load capacity:250-450kg

2.Rated speed:0.4m/s

3.Safety,Convenient Energy saving & Low Noise

1. Elegant design and comfortable decoration style
2. Suitalbe for various structures
3. Environmental protection and energy saving

4. Renewable energy feedback device

AOYAMA small machine room passenger lift machine room only has 65%-70% of the traditional machine room. It greatly saves the building space and material. Control cabinet in machine room is designed into single-face inspection layout. The host bearing beam can also be used an hitch plate. It largely saves the machine room space. Compared with the traditional lifts, under the premise of ensuring the  repairers' operation space which is stipulated by the national standard, it effectively controls the machine room height. The intensive space effect grants more freedom for the architects. It expands the larger space utilizaiton to the construction, perfectly mergers the well space with the architectural style. 

Optional Functions

1. Parallel control: If two elevators receive external calls, the control system will implement unified dispatching to maximize the elevators’ operating efficiency

2. Emergency evacuation in case of power failure: when external power supply is cut off, the elevator will stop at the nearest floor and automatically open the door to let passengers out.

3. Fireman function: in case of a fire, the fire switch will be opened, the elevator automatically cancel all internal and external instructions and return to the home landing without receiving landing call signals. After a fireman opens the fireman switch, the elevator will implement a single-car instruction, and the door will be opened and closed manually.

4. Arrival light: Used for group control. Before any one of several elevators in service arrives, the floor arrival light will remind the waiting passengers of the elevator’s upcoming arrival and its running direction.

5. Voice announcement: an arrival voice prompting device will be provided to prompt the landing reached with voice.

fashion modern security small home elevators

AOYAMA home elevator is specially designed for family, its characteristics---use small area for install,

don't need lift shaft, low noise, easy for installation, high security and reliability. It is the most suitable

home elevator for Villa and Reply type residence. It is also the best choice for old men, patients, disable

persons' daily life at home to climb up and down the stairs.

The permanent magnet synchronous and gearless traction machine

SeIt can save over 40% of energy. It needs no grease renewal without oil pollution, it is peaceful and refreshing

VVVF door operator system

SIt can freely adjust the door open/shut speed with the advanced variable frequency door operator. The ingenious design of the car height, the whole system is of the safety and reliability, which ensures smooth running

Integrated control system

New generation of intellectual vector style integrative control system combines with the elevator control with drive.
It brings about the compact structure, smaller bulk, the more convenient operation and the more advantageous cost performance

fashion modern security small home elevators

fashion modern security small home elevators

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