Pitless Observation Glass Elevator

Pitless Observation Glass Elevator

The small pit observation glass elevator platform lift consists of a body tower, an upper landing gate, a platform mounted gate, a hydraulic drive system and panel controls. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. • Covered with Powder-painting steel or stainless steel. • Emergency down incase of power failure. • Control panel & Safety door on second floor. • Safety sensor on bottom of platform, lift will automatic stops once it meet obstacle. • Emergency stop: lifting and lowering process can be stopped immediately.
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The small pit observation glass elevator platform lift consists of a body tower, an upper landing gate, a platform mounted gate, a hydraulic drive system and panel controls. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

•  Covered with Powder-painting steel or stainless steel.

•  Emergency down incase of power failure.

•  Control panel & Safety door on second floor. 

•  Safety sensor on bottom of platform, lift will automatic stops once it meet obstacle.

•  Emergency stop: lifting and lowering process can be stopped immediately.


Platform size




Load capacity


Operate voltage


Power Output


Power Input

220V/50HZ (or customized for local power supply)

Drive System

Hydraulic / Screw

Control Mode

Inching Switch or Automatic

Drive Control

Self-resetting system


Protection Over current relay

Material of Platform

Steel or stainless steel


Plastic electrostatic spraying

Working Condition

Both indoors and outdoors

Working temperature

From -10°~60°C



Non-pit installation, directly fixed to concrete floor (the concrete

floor below the platform shall not be lower than the ground)

Control Device


Calling column (installed beside lift) and remote

controller(optional configuration)

Emergency Stop


The lifting and lowering process can be stopped immediately

by pressing the emergency stop button.

Safety device

Safety Interlock

Lock the platform when it is out of control

Emergency down

Can be lowered to ground if power failure.


pitless observation glass elevator

The advantages of our Hydraulic & Villa Lift products:

1. Cost-efficient (more than one third cheaper than traction elevator)

2. High security (multiple protection, Anti-extrusion safety device, interconnection electromagnetic lock device, light curtain, Safety roof, and it never falls off because of its mechanical principle..)

3. Strong and durable (rarely with problems, JAPAN brand pump with 0.3m/s up speed in maximum)

4. Convenient installation and maintenance (when leaving the factory, all the components are modularized, all connections are bolted, customers only need simple splicing and wiring, while the later maintenance is very simple and fast)

5. Easy and Free access (with 20cm pit depth and barrier-free access, or with no pit but cabin's floor is 10cm higher than the ground level)

6. Overhead height(Just need 2.2-2.5m height enough for the guide rail.)

7. No machine room required.

8. High space utilization, maximize car size.

With rare-earth material, external rotor structure and permanent magnetic synchronous motor drive, worm-drive is replaced for the new generation of permanent magnetic synchronous technology structurally. Also, coaxial transmission technology, digital frequency conversation technology and group computer combination control technology are integrated fully which enable it with the characteristics of energy conserving & environment protective, high efficient but low noise. The operating efficiency is promoted & the energy consumption cost is reduced because of the high power factor. In this case, high level of energy conservation comes true. 


Intelligent main control system

Highly integrated 32 bit double CPU is applied for the intelligent main control system. The data processing speed is improved by mutual monitoring of main & subordinate CPU, which makes it more perfect & reliable. The embedded expert self-diagnostic system is powerful functionally and easy to operate. It could diagnose, store & present accident cause automatically.


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pitless observation glass elevator

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pitless observation glass elevator

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pitless observation glass elevator


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pitless observation glass elevator

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