private residence elevator

private residence elevator

Having a private elevator in your home is a convenience that many homeowners appreciate. Home elevators are more than just a luxury. They provide safe, convenient access to all levels of your home and are useful for people of all ages and mobility. AOYAMA Elevator offers a range of home elevator styles, including conventional home elevators and pneumatic elevators in a variety of styles and finishes to beautifully blend into your home.
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Net size of door(mm)




Net size of car(mm)




Hoistway size(mm)




Top floor height(mm)


Pit depth(mm)


Door open type

Center,side opening


Private and independent residence


Traction machine




AC VVVF control

Max stops

4 stops

Max rise(m)



private residence elevator

Having a private elevator in your home is a convenience that many homeowners appreciate. Home elevators are more than just a luxury. They provide safe, convenient access to all levels of your home and are useful for people of all ages and mobility. AOYAMA Elevator offers a range of home elevator styles, including conventional home elevators and pneumatic elevators  in a variety of styles and finishes to beautifully blend into your home. 

AOYAMA Elevator provides convenient sales, service and maintenance, installation and showrooms to help you envision a residential elevator in your home.AOYAMA Elevator carries a range of conventional home elevators from the top home elevator manufacturers. With our wide selection, you’re sure to find the perfect home elevator for your residence.

One of our many home elevator designs add an attractive feature to a home, particularly for those with difficulty getting from one level to the other.Combined with advanced function and concise design, the AOYAMA home lift has passed the Japanese standard repeatedly test. It comes with all the safety function and is the number one brand name for Japanese exports.

private residence elevator

Basic Functions

Automatic operation: the elevator can automatically respond to the calls of the car and each floor, automatically stop at each landing and open and close the door automatically. When there is no call signal, the elevator will return to the home landing. When there is any call signal, the elevator will respond and start.

Full-load bypass: when the load of the elevator car reaches the rated load, the elevator will not respond to land call signals. The elevator will operate only according to floor signals within the car and will respond to landing call signals once the load is lower than the rated load.

Overload protection: when the load of the elevator car exceeds the rated load, the overload warning light will be on and the alarm will sound. The elevator will not start until the door is closed. The elevator will not return to normal until the overload is eliminated.

Arrival prompt: when the elevator arrives at the destination floor, the arrival gong will sound, reminding passengers that the elevator arrives at the right floor.

Floor displaying and running direction displaying: displays are provided in the car and each floor to display the floors the elevator arrives at and the running direction of the elevator. The symbols of floors can be freely arranged according to the actual needs of the building.

Door opening in response to calls at the same floor: when the elevator is closing the door at the current landing, the elevator will automatically open the door with a press on the landing call button.

Car intercom device: an intercom device is provided in the car for communicating with the building duty room, machine room, car roof and pit; when the elevator fails or faces any emergency, passengers within the car can talk with the duty room or machine room to let them know the conditions within the car, so that rescue measures can be taken.

Misoperation elimination: if a passenger selects the wrong floor when selecting the floor, it is possible to cancel the floor selection simply with 2 consecutive presses before the elevator starts.

Anti-nuisance: when the elevator reaches the top floor, all signal registrations within the car will be cancelled completely. When the elevator operates with a light load, the registrations within the car can respond to up to 3 floors. If there are over 3 floors, the elevator will deem this as a nuisance and registration signals will become null.

Door-closing protection: if a person or an object enters the car when the elevator is closing the door, the door will be opened automatically and then closed again in order to prevent the door from clamping the person or object.

Emergency lighting in case of power failure: when the power supply of the elevator fails suddenly or the lighting of the elevator is cut off, the emergency lighting source of the car will start automatically, the emergency lighting will go on and the normal operation of the intercom device should be ensured.

Energy-saving function: when the time during which there is no internal or external instruction for the elevator exceeds the set time, the lighting and fan within the car will be turned off automatically and turned on automatically after the elevator receives any instruction.

Guaranteed natural ventilation: the elevator is provided with vent holes with area larger than 2% of that of the elevator in order to ensure the respiration needs of any passenger caught in the elevator in case of elevator fault.

Floor leveling after power-on: when the power of elevator is cut off suddenly and the elevator stops anywhere other than a floor, the elevator will automatically reach the nearby floor after power is resumed.

Stop setting: stop floors and non-stop floors can be freely set according to the requirements.

Automatic fault detection: in case of an elevator fault, the control system will automatically diagnose the reasons for such fault and save fault information for inspection by overhaul personnel.

private residence elevator

Optional Functions

1. Parallel control: If two elevators receive external calls, the control system will implement unified dispatching to maximize the elevators’ operating efficiency

2. Emergency evacuation in case of power failure: when external power supply is cut off, the elevator will stop at the nearest floor and automatically open the door to let passengers out.

3. Home return in case of fire: the home landing is provided with a fire switch. In case of a fire alarm, the fire switch will be opened and the elevator will automatically cancel all internal and external instructions, return to the home landing directly and open the door automatically to let passengers out. Then, the elevator is out of operation.

4. Fireman function: in case of a fire, the fire switch will be opened, the elevator automatically cancel all internal and external instructions and return to the home landing without receiving landing call signals. After a fireman opens the fireman switch, the elevator will implement a single-car instruction, and the door will be opened and closed manually.

5. Arrival light: Used for group control. Before any one of several elevators in service arrives, the floor arrival light will remind the waiting passengers of the elevator’s upcoming arrival and its running direction.

6. Voice announcement: an arrival voice prompting device will be provided to prompt the landing reached with voice.

7. Remote monitoring: the operating conditions of the elevator will be transmitted to the server via wireless network, so that the elevator monitoring and overhaul department can know the operating conditions of every single elevator in real time via a computer. When the elevator fails, this function helps send monitoring reminder timely and provide the content of the fault, and notify elevator overhaul personnel in real time via a mobile phone for accurate and quick troubleshooting.

8. Energy feedback device: This device collects potential energy from the operation of elevators and the energy generated by the braking of elevators and feeds it back to power grid, thus saving energy.

9. Earthquake management: when an earthquake happens and the seismometer detects that the earthquake poses a danger to the operation of the elevator, the earthquake management mode will be activated on a timely basis. Under this mode, the elevator will return to the home landing, evacuate passengers and then go out of operation.

We have always attached great importance to the development of maintenance technologies. And, in the light of properties and application environment of different elevators, we has developed unique maintenance procedures as well as special computer and tools. In addition to routine maintenance, we will inspect your elevator periodically with special presumptive diagnostic technology and develop personalized maintenance scheme according to your elevator’s operation conditions, to protect against possible troubles and maximize its operation time.

With rare-earth material, external rotor structure and permanent magnetic synchronous motor drive, worm-drive is replaced for the new generation of permanent magnetic synchronous technology structurally. Also, coaxial transmission technology, digital frequency conversation technology and group computer combination control technology are integrated fully which enable it with the characteristics of energy conserving & environment protective, high efficient but low noise. The operating efficiency is promoted & the energy consumption cost is reduced because of the high power factor. In this case, high level of energy conservation comes true.

Highly integrated 32 bit double CPU is applied for the intelligent main control system. The data processing speed is improved by mutual monitoring of main & subordinate CPU, which makes it more perfect & reliable. The embedded expert self-diagnostic system is powerful functionally and easy to operate. It could diagnose, store & present accident cause automatically.


Advanced VVVF technology & high speed digital signal processing system have more sensitive & more accurrate control on the speed of door-motor. Permanent magnetic synchronous door-motor system is low consumption and energy saving, dust & water proof. Door-motor system with VVVF technology has full-closed loop control of elevator during its stable running. In this case, energy could be saved by 20% during the running of door-motor. The stability during speed accelaration & deceleration could be ensured when the door is opened and closed through special graphic speed curve to make door opensing and closing more stable with low noise.

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